Possible typo error in opamp section

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In the beginning of Volume III - Semiconductors » OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS »Divided feedback section there is a picture showing an opamp and there are 6ma of current flowing through the two resistors.

A bit later in the text there is the phrase "where does that 1 mA of current go?". I think this is referring to the above schematic and should read "where does that 6 mA of current go?". Or is it referring to something completely different that I have missed?

Thanks for the great resource!

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I checked and I still see the 1mA version, but I guess it takes some time to update things.

You're welcome, thanks for the great work!

The correction needs entering on the Master copy at ibiblio.org then we update AAC from there. It takes a short while, although the process is (supposed to be!) automated.

Thanks for the comments.