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Hi guys,

I have recently purchased a drum machine off ebay with a broken LCD. I searched around on the internet for a replacement LCD of the same type but couldn't find anything.

However I did find one that is the same resolution for Arduino projects. It is a 240 x 64 resolution graphic LCD.

The problem is the Drum Machine has 10 pins from the mainboard to the LCD module, were as the Arduino LCD module has 20 pins.

Now I would like to know if it is possible to connect the 10 pins that the broken LCD module uses to the 20 pin Arduino LCD module, and whether it would work?

I have attached the pin out diagram and schematic for both units. Any help would be greatly appreciated



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I would say no, if you look at the drum LCD pins 1 to 5 are serial clock1 clock2 and data.
So you need to know what the software is that talks to the lcd.