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dear sir,
i am thinking of a new project...that is to generate electricity from lightning....is it practically possible to generate.......please give me the suggestions because some scientists say it is practically impossible...and some say it is possible......
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Depends on what you want to use it for. Start charcoal? Sure. Run appliences, I suspect not. Lightning is chaotic, which is a fancy way of saying unpredictable. You can't predict the power of a strike, nor where it will hit or when.


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Harnessing lightning would not be impossible, but it would be impractical.

You would have to come up with a way to store a tremendous amount of energy, and then release it over a long period of time, like a huge bank of extremely high-voltage capacitors. Batteries wouldn't work; they would not be able to charge fast enough. Capacitors would be hard-pressed to keep up.

This really isn't something an amateur should attempt to do, unless you relish the thought of being vaporized.


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Benjamin Franklin, one of the United States founding fathers, stateman, author, poet, scientist, humorist - basically, a jack-of-all-trades, documented some experiments that he was considering conducting in the 1750's. I don't have access to these documents, and I don't know if they were actually carried out. Legend says he actually did it, but I have severe doubts; he would've died as a young man instead of an old man.

Here is the "legend" version, which has some obvious technical inaccuracies:

Here is a more scientific attempt at replicating the legend:

I most strongly advise you to NOT attempt to replicate this experiment, as it is virtually certain that you will not survive the attempt.