Possible error on Biasing calculations page


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The design technique is to first work out an emitter-bias design, Then convert it to the voltage divider bias configuration by using Thevenin's Theorem. [TK1] The steps are shown graphically in Figure below. Draw the voltage divider without assigning values. Break the divider loose from the base. (The base of the transistor is the load.) Apply Thevenin's Theorem to yield a single Thevenin equivalent resistance Rth and voltage source Vth.

Thevenin's Theorem converts voltage divider to single supply Vth and resistance Vth.

The Thevenin equivalent resistance is the resistance from load point (arrow) with the battery (VCC) reduced to 0 (ground). In other words, R1||R2.The Thevenin equivalent voltage is the open circuit voltage (load removed). This calculation is by the voltage divider ratio method. R1 is obtained by eliminating R2 from the pair of equations for Rth and Vth. The equation of R1 is in terms of known quantities Rth, Vth, Vcc. Note that Rth is RB , the bias resistor from the emitter-bias design. The equation for R2 is in terms of R1 and Rth.
I would call this verified.