Positive and Negtive power supply's

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    May 19, 2010
    I'm new here so be kind !
    Sorry if this is not the correct forum, but this is a place for me to start.

    I have come to this forum, in order to get a grasp on a project that I built for an x employer.
    Please understand I'm in no way a smart person, but I have prototyped many things that have gone to patent. This project was owned, bye my X employer.
    Ok here goes, What I need is the understanding the usage of two power supply's, one Pos and one Neg. These produced well over, several million volts at 3 milliamps +/- . A Faraday cage was used in the testing, <snip> scrary when it went to ground!

    I need to understand the usage of the power sources. We had several test that showed promise, in the direction we were going. Some oh my's, and look at THAT!
    Must have done some good as one day it vanished from the shop. So anyway, where and one acquire these power supply's? I since have met someone one that wants me duplicate the experiment.
    I hope this made since to all of you. Ok you can start laughing now! But Im <snip> serious, about this. Sorry for the miss spelling, but I said, Im no Braniack
    Do understand if this goes nowhere as I read this note
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    Hello Divco13, welcome to AAC.

    Be advised that the forums are strictly G-rated. It's a family site, and we have members of all ages on here. Please keep the language clean.

    We don't normally discuss power supplies of the type you are attempting to describe, as they are inherently extremely dangerous, and this forum has a lot of "electronic n00bs" on board. We do not want inexperienced persons to attempt to construct such dangerous projects, as we would like to have them live long and happy lives.

    Although you say that you built the device, I find it somewhat odd that you don't recollect enough about it's construction to replicate it.

    In any event, I suggest that you abandon the idea of replicating it, unless you can locate a professional electrical engineer that is willing to supervise the project directly, and in person. If you ignore my suggestion, the results could easily be fatal.
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    If you want an understanding of what it did, and why the pos and neg supplies were used,
    I can try to offer a little understanding, but there is no way, you should try to re-build this project without SERIOUS equipment and professionals on hand to follow design.

    If you want to use such high voltages for effect, use a vanDeGraff generator.

    This wiki page shows how electricity travels from the different charges.