position sensing

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I want to locate the position of the robot ( x, y coordinates) by using a magnetic sensors with magnets located in the floor. How can i get the coordinate value from these sensors and can anyone suggest which type of sensors or magnetometers i can use?


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If you want the thing in the floor to give its coordinates, why don't you look at RFID technology instead of magnets. Your robot could have an RFID reader on the bottom. As it moves over the RFID tags in the floor, they would broadcast their location in the room. Then, your robot would always know his location when it rolled over the tag.


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Barcodes that the robot could read visually would be another approach. I don't see how you could encode position into the magnets unless you use several magnets together, with each one being one bit of data.

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Hi in RFID scaning can i use the RFID tags and RFID reader of different companies?
since as i have seen it depends only on frequency of operation and transmission distance.
Can anyone clear my confusion.


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RFID tags, Magnets, these all have one thing in common..... cost of the parts could get expensive....... why not use some IR Receiver/transmitter pairs..... create 4 IR beacons that emit pulses at different frequency rates, that way the robot "knows" which beacon it is receiving pulses from and can calculate the TOF (time of flight) for how long each beacons transmission takes to get to it, from there you should be able to triangulate the location of the robot in the room..... this will also give you the capabilities of moving the robot to different rooms easily without having to place a lot of magnets or RFID tags all over the floor.....