Portable DC powered variable power supply.

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    Oct 23, 2009
    Good day.

    I am new here (as indicated by my enormous post count...). I'm currently attempting to construct a portable -12 to +12vdc power supply that does not require an ac source of power. This power supply is to be used to zoom/focus motor-zoom camera lenses (output through two pin pairs in an 8-pin connector). I can "hamfist" my way there by making four seperate circuits (focus in, focus out, zoom in, zoom out), but I'm certain there is a more efficient way to do so. I know that I'll only need to adjust one paramater (zoom, focus) at a time.

    The lens requires a 0-12volt input to drive it's motors, with polarity determining direction of travel. I need the supply to be DC powered, as they are all in rather inconvenient locations to route AC power.

    I was considering using a 5-position rotary switch for parameter selection (fifth position being off), and a slide switch to adjust magnitude.

    I suppose the gist of my question is how best to accomplish this within a portable "box' without requiring outside power, and keeping things as portable as possible.

    Thanks for your time,

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    We need more information about those motors. The statement -
    leaves some doubt as to the nature of the motors (AC or DC). Also, the current draw is important.

    You can reverse a DC motor with a switch that reverses polarity - no need for a dual DC supply