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    poor mans oscilloscope is a good source for virtual oscilloscope. i have found one website called virtual oscilloscope.com where they have provided a virtual oscilloscope (a java applet on webpage) which totally resembles personal stand by oscilloscope. to use that oscilloscope we are supposed to alter soundcard so that only 1.5v could be the input. my question is:
    1.they have told in that to use speakers by cutting it and stripping the wires which could be inserted in breadboard.when i stripped the wires they were not like the one we used in circuit making but like strings! they were four in numbers!
    i could not make out how to insert them in breadboard and nor able to recognize the wires! how to go about it?
    http://www.virtual-oscilloscope.com/ :confused:
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    Take a look at this thread:

    Be carefull with connecting signals to the input of the sound card.
    It is possible to blow the card with to large signals.
    Please look in the manual of the soundcard what is the maximum level.

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