Polygon-shape hole using Allegro pcb editor

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Hi everyone! I'm using allegro 16 and i want to place a large polugon shape hole in the center of my pcb(like a swiss cross), how can i do that? Mechanical symbols only have rectangular or circle shapes, I have to use multiple rectangular holes to form the shape I want? Thank you in advance.


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I used to use PCB editor and I think that is Allegro based. What you really want to do is route out that shape, not drill it. PCB editor really doesn't have the features to do routing.

The good news is your PCB shop does have that tool and it's cheap (typically near free) to describe the cutout and let them set up whatever files are required.

If you have a spare layer you don't otherwise use you can draw the outline there, otherwise drop it into the boundary (outline) layer. All suitable notes to your readme file and the purchase order. Do ask for check prints to see if they got your idea before you commit to physical boards.