polygon pours

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Hello, I am just starting out with creating PCB's using software.
I have come across the term 'polygon pour'. Is that just when you cover the whole PCB with copper which has gaps around each component and tracks ?

If someone could just give me a brief rundown on exactly what 'polygon pours' are and when you would or would not use them, it would be greatly appreciated.



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Along with less copper to etch, one of the big benefits is power and ground planes.
Straight wires or straight traces of a fixed width have inductance, the smaller/narrower and longer the wire or trace is, the greater the inductance.

But, an infinite plane has virtually no inductance. A copper pour can act more or less like a partially infinite plane. Of course, it's best if you have complete layers dedicated to power and ground, but that's generally not possible for a hobbyist making boards at home.