polarity reverse cable question??

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Hello I have some power supplys with a positive center that I want to convert to a negative center for my guitar pedals. There is a company that sells this http://www.godlyke.com/power-all/po...cable-red-right-angle-reverse-polarity-jumper
It says it converts a negative center to a positive with this. Keep in mind most all pedals need a negative center so its hard to find a supply for them thats positive center. But I have plenty and want to do what they are saying in reverse. Will this cable work? Are they just NOT saying it can go either way cause they ASSUME no one would want to do positive to negative? Will this cable work for my issue? If not, does anyone know if there is something out there like this but will work for what I need? Thanks a bunch
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There is NO reason to make you post in anything other than the standard font. Making it big and bold just really annoys people and decreases the likelihood that they will respond.

From what I can see, if both ends of this cable will mate with your components, then it should do what you want - namely make the barrel at one end connect to the tip at the other. At $3, the price seems reasonable compared to wiring up something yourself.