polarity inversion for 100-400v

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    Jun 24, 2011
    Hi guys,

    I have a system that generates higher dc voltage (up to 400v) from a battery,
    charges a capacitor and once every second discharges this capacitor
    into a resistive load for 100us.

    I want to bipolar capability.
    In low voltages i used a standard h-bridge module i got off ebay, which works great, even surprised me that it can maintain the 100us speed, (i thought that it would take it longer to respond).

    But in higher voltages i am not sure what would be the best-practice solution.
    I can easily see how a 4 HV relay would solve my problem, but i want to stick to solid state, so ideally transistor based solution or a module would be great.

    Would you advise what are my options here ?
    Am i basically looking at building my own high voltage h-bridge ? or is there something smarter ? (also, if i can spend 20$ and buy a solution, i'd prefer that, since this is for a research project, and developing the module is not my focus).

    Thanks for all advice you might have.