Point to Point RF communication for MCU

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I am trying to get a better understanding of simple telecommunication methods. What I'm asking is that you please review my knowledge and clear up the misconceptions I have. The project is a simple doorbell. (yes, i know i can buy one, but I'm looking to learn from the project)

I ran across this Linx keyfob datasheet. It is a transmitter and encoder all in one package. To receive it, there is this Linx receiver and Linx decoder.

I'm wondering what the purpose of the encoder and decoder are. Are they essential in the transmission of data or just to just give the communication a unique address. Could I remove them and would the device work. Is there purpose for only applications without MCUs?

I am familiar with wired RS-232 (UART) communication. Can I just buy a transmitter and receiver and attach the USART outputs (TX,RX) to the transmitter and receiver and communicate wirelessly? Would this application need a decoder/encoder?

Thanks a ton!