Poetic Sounds

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    Apr 25, 2008
    I am a humble southern boy,when a poetic sound or words come across
    me.(Loosewire) how did this name get chosen. The path that life has taken
    me from Humble to A path that my fellow man and fellow bloger
    takes. We share some opinions,reading is great thing,some times things
    are read out of order,showing your way I hope that all post are done
    in good spirit both ways.Members like to be infromed to make opinion
    and have fun, Off Topic is that forum,we have great moderators. A
    great site,a very tolerate Administration.The site had 47 members the
    other day at noon U.S. time. There are great minds on this site you
    see it in detail,there knowledge endless,the math outstanding. So I feel
    a little like a blogger. So more to come from the path of Loosewire.One of my
    greatest lines( I Touched Time With Soft Words ).
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