PN junction diode

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    Feb 5, 2014
    When a PN junction is forward-biased it behaves like a closed switch (on) and when it is reverse-biased it behaves like an open switch (off). Discuss this statement with use and description of the terms doping, depletion layer and forward/reverse biased.
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    Same as your other post. This should be in the Homework section.
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    Is this a question?
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    Read the textbook.
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    We've already done our homework, please try to do yours before asking us.
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    Sara, despite what you may be thinking by now

    Welcome to All About Circuits.

    I don't know what level you are studying this subject or where, but you will find that all reputable forums cooperate with the aims of education by requiring students to show their efforts before help is forthcoming. It doesn't matter if you have it totally wrong or don't understand the question the idea is to help you overcome it so that you will succeed in the future. Simply posting the question you have been set is not good enough, please tell us your thoughts about it as well.

    Equally don't you regulars think we have had enough bashing now?
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    Look in your text and class notes and try to form some thoughts on how the terms given related to the behavior described. Don't worry if they aren't complete, but try to come up with something that can be used to start the discussion.

    If someone here just answers the question as if it were their homework, you will not be very likely to learn anything from it. Consider that you have a textbook to read -- and that didn't get the information across; you had a lecturer to watch and listen to -- and that didn't get the information across. It is unlikely that one more person shoving information at you will somehow, magically, get it across. In order to learn something, you generally need to engage with it -- that means thinking about it and struggling with it and chasing your thoughts down rabbit holes and figuring out why what you were thinking is wrong and struggling to correct it. We can help guide that struggle, but we can't do it for you.