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Joined Oct 29, 2009
Is there any reason sent PMs are not being saved. It would be nice to have them. It is hard to remember if I sent a message or not at my age. :)


Joined Mar 24, 2008
They should be, look at the little box I've circled. Switch to messages sent.

Is it possible you clicked empty folder?

When mine gets full I save both as a text file, then selectively start erasing the ones I don't need (most of them). Things like addresses and whatnot I keep.



Joined Feb 19, 2009
You can also click the white down triangle next to "Inbox" in the blue bar right above the message list, and sent items will be a choice there as well.


Joined Sep 7, 2009
I think it is disabled by default (it was when I started anyway).
Turn it on by going into profile, customise profile, edit options, and it's a tickbox at the bottom of that screen.


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Maybe it could be changed to be enabled by default for new members?
I don't see the harm in it. The one thing that bugs me is IM spam, but this setting wouldn't change that at all. I don't get any IM spam anymore, but I did under 1k posts. jrap may have installed CAPTCHA on sending IM's for new people which has also stopped it as well.