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    Mar 17, 2009
    Hello a final year BE student working on a project called remote notice board.Its based on GSM with SMS.We r using the sony Erricson W302 mobile as a modem.It supports AT commands and work in PDU mode.We have tested it in Hyperterminal and the response is fine.Now we have connected the mobile to microcontroller(8051) using its datacable and USB to RS-232 converter.The problem we r facing now is that we are not able to get the response of the mobile in the microcontroller.We r using flash board for initial programming with At89C61X2 and the ride and flashmagic tools for downloading the pgm to the controller.Can anybody there help me to proceed further?Am not finding any way out and its a bit urgent.Plz dont mind reading such a long query...Thanking u in advance.Will be eagerly waiting for a reply....