plz Help me wid Automatic Voltage Reg Block Diagram

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    Jul 4, 2008
    Can anyone please help me with the block diagram of AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR(AVR).please! i wud be highly grateful.

    I'm a student, doing study on AVR as my project. I've got into a big trouble and i'm rather confused and cannot understand the block diagram of AVR.
    please someone help me! :( I would be highly grateful. I need to
    complete my thesis work by the end of this july at any cost and i have
    to understand the flow of this diagram...please someone:(...! THE BLOCK

    I can even provide a brief description of the block diagram as provided
    by the company in its manual, if someone is interested in helping. The company name is AVK and the regulator is COSIMAT N+. If someone is there to help me out, please contact me or reply to this thread as early as possible.
    thanks a lot in advance.