plz help me solve this problem in resonance

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    Nov 23, 2009
    a parallel rlc circuit used in amplifier is intended to have an impedance magnitude of 5K ohm at resonance with a resonant frequency of 100M rad/s and 3K ohm at a frequency of 5K hz below resonance . determine resistance ,inductance and capacitance of the circuit.
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    Feb 4, 2008
    At resonance the impedance of the RLC circuit is equal to R. Therefore, to have an impedance of 5K at resonance you have to make R=5K.

    Then use the formula which determines the resonance frequency according to L and C with the formula which gives the total impedance at 5K below resonance. You will have two equations and two unknowns (L and C). Solve the system of equations to get the values of L and C.