plz help for led dot matrix sim

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Hello my friends
I am starting in LED Display Panel project,
using TC07-11HWA led dot matrix for one character, and I want to using MC 8051,
Please help me to find a simulator can contain these 2 basic elements.
thank you very much:)


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Google returns 145,000 hits on "8051 simulator". That should be no problem. The data sheet on the display should give you all the information you need to be able to get the 8051 to display a character.
Hey I cannot find in the samples. I am using Proteus 7.4. Please send me the sample folder to me. <snip>
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This thread is almost 5 years old, and beenthere is no longer in life. I doubt you will find help from these users.

Someone else might reply to you, though.


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Hello srikanth977

Normally the Proteus ISIS simulator installed the sample files in this location on the hard Disk drive:
C:\Program Files\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus 7 Professional\SAMPLES
The name of the sub-directory: \ Proteus Professional 7.x \. changes according to the version you have installed.
So look for the sample files there.

Otherwise download the file (ZIP) from here.
Unpack the ZIP file in the location where the sample files should be.

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