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    A triangular waveform can be represented by the following series:
    v=sin oo t + [1/9]sin (3 oo t - pi) + [1/25] sin5 oo t +....
    Discuss the relationships between the component waveforms and the fundamental, include the effects of frequency,amplitude and phase shift.Predict thenext few terms in the series.Synthesize, graphically by hand the triangular waveform, using the first three terms only.
    Recognize a variety of complex waveforms and explain how they are produced from sinusoidal wave forms.

    i have solve out this but unable to make graph..plz help

    ) V=1/(2n+1)(sq) *sin(2n+1)100t
    > here n ranges from 0 to M
    > & There is a phase shift for
    > only even terms , it means after half a cycle wave has the
    > lag of pi.
    > the above equation shows the effect of frequency and
    > amplitude, by comparing it with V=V0*Sin(wt).
    > next few terms are
    > 1/49*sin(700t-pi)+1/81*sin(900t)+1/121*(1100t-pi).
    > other complex wave are produced because of harmonic
    > distortion and overloading etc.
    plz help for a graph .

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    To do this by hand is very boring. Open a spreadsheet and enter the values and formulas according to "triangle_formulas.jpg". Then draw the three single sinus functions and the sum of these three ones as shown in "triangle.jpg"
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