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    Mar 5, 2011
    i try 2 solve this task:eek:
    but i cannot coz i studied digital design last year
    i dont rememmber anything:mad:
    plz help me
    1. Study the data sheets for the 74LS163 and 74LS190 Counters. Have a look at the timing diagrams of both counters and try to answer the following questions regarding each counter:

    i. Is the counter synchronous or asynchronous and what the difference between these two terms is.
    ii. Dose the counter has a clear input and is that clear synchronous or asynchronous.
    iii. Dose the counter has parallel inputs? If yes, how to load data into the counter. Is the load control synchronous or asynchronous?
    iv. Does the counter have an output for cascading purposes? I.e. can two counters be connected together such that a bigger counter with double number of outputs is built?
    v. Does the counter have an output to indicate that it reached its maximum or minimum? If yes, what can this output be useful for?

    2. Based on your investigation about the above two counters:
    i. Design a counter that counts from 0 up to 9.
    ii. Design a counter that counts from 0 up to 6 and return to 0.
    iii. Design a counter that count from 5 up to A and return to 5.

    3. Design a two digit decimal counter that counts from 00 to 99. Your circuit should provide an output signal call it MAX. MAX should be logic high when the counter reaches its maximum count, but should be low otherwise

    i wish anyone help me today:(
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    Have you got those data sheets? All the information you need in in them.
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    Apr 20, 2004
    You should understand that we are not a homework service. It is essential that you make a good attempt to solve the problem. The data sheets may be obtained by using device numbers as a search term.

    When you have them, you should be able to answer the majority of the questions.