plotting signal on graphic lcd

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    Dec 6, 2010
    I have to check the signal after every one second and plot the same.

    I tried displaying the signal upto first 8 vertical columns and repeat the process. It worked.

    I used the following subroutine:

    movlw 0xB2///page 2
    movwf PORTD
    call SND_CMD

    movlw 0x10
    movwf PORTD
    call SND_CMD
    movlw 0x00
    movwf PORTD
    call SND_CMD////column 0

    call sig_strength////subroutine to check the signal strength and display corresponding number of pixels in a single column

    ////TEMP3,TEMP4,TEMP5,TEMP6,TEMP7,TEMP8,TEMP9 are initialized to zero

    movf TEMP1,0//////TEMP1 is the current signal stregth value
    movwf TEMP2

    movf TEMP3,0
    movwf PORTD
    call SND_DTA/////subroutine to display pixels on graphic lcd
    movf TEMP4,0
    movwf PORTD
    call SND_DTA
    movf TEMP5,0
    movwf PORTD
    call SND_DTA
    movf TEMP6,0
    movwf PORTD
    call SND_DTA
    movf TEMP7,0
    movwf PORTD
    call SND_DTA
    movf TEMP8,0
    movwf PORTD
    call SND_DTA
    movf TEMP9,0
    movwf PORTD
    call SND_DTA


    The above subroutine worked.
    For the next second interval I have to make changes to the above subroutine

    and so on till 8 seconds

    I have to keep shifting the previous value signals forward

    I used 8 similar subroutines with few changes and it worked

    But I am using 128x64 graphic lcd

    There will be 128 one second intervals

    if I use the approach as above my code will be getting too longer as

    I will have to use 128 subroutines
    Is there an efficient way to solve this problem?

    If anyone has an idea, please let me know

  2. Markd77

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    Sep 7, 2009
    Look at the indirect addressing section of the datasheet using FSR and INDF.
    I think that should help a lot.