please verify parts list before i order

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im getting ready to order mmc caps and parts for terry filter. i would like someone more experienced to verify i have picked out the right parts/values/voltage ratings.

terry filter schematic is here:

for terry filter im ordering parts from

terry filter will need the following 4 parts:

1K 100 watt: digikey # FVT100-1.0K-ND correct value, but is wirewound. will its inductiveness affect the performance? will this handle the high voltage?

10Mohm .5 watt self explanitory

1800 volt MOV: digikey# P7227-ND does this look right?

.0033uf 1600v: digikey# P10501-ND this has a 1600v dc rating but no AC rating. will this work with AC in terry filter?

now for my MMC the cheapest caps i found here:
Cornell-Dubilier CDE 942C20P15K-F has a 2000 volt DC rating AC rating is usually lower than dc for capacitors . from what ive gathered these are the cap of choice for Tesla coils. tesla coils work on AC. will these still work? i need 8.6 nF with over 22kv(peak) rating. i could put 17 in series for 34kv and 8.824 nF

thank you for verifying my parts before i order.