please suggest any ic number to detect and decode ir signal from remote control.

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i have decided to make automatic lighting contro using ir remote. can anyone please suggest me which ic number to use. the remote is of samsung..well it should work for all remotes. any help would be appreciated
An IR remote uses IR LED to transmit the signal. If you want to see that, just check the front of your remote, view it through a camera, and when you press a button, you should see a purplish light blink.

The signal is usually transmitted at a frequency of 36Khz or 38Khz. Once you have found the frequency at which the signal is being transmitted, use a TSOP1738 or a TSOP1736 to detect the signal. in TSOP17XX, 'XX' denotes the frequency it detects.

the signal is transmitted using a protocol. For example, most Philips remote controls used to follow the RC5 protocol. the newer ones are according to the RC6 protocol.

Similarly Samsung will also have a protocol. You will have to find that out. You'll probably get it somewhere on the internet.