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Can anyone forward me an asm code:

that when i type on a keyboard, asteriks '*' on the LCD appear, if the password is correct, "OK" appear on the LCD, if its wrong, "WRONG PASS" appear.


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Please can you attach any attempts that you have made to write such code. I think you will find members will be more than willing to help if you show some willing to complete the exercise yourself. They won't unless they are feeling very generous be willing to provide you with complete code with no input on your part.


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Please understand why you do not deserve to be helped:

1) Your subject title is of no use to anyone.

2) Your request is vague with very little information.

3) You have not shown your own work.

4) You cannot learn how to program in a hurry.


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I attached the asm file. can u help me now? :)
You should post your schematic also. And tell us why and how you struggle. What have you done to debug this?
As some others have mentioned. We can nor will we just serve a turn key ready solution. But we will not mind giving you hints and help. If you show some effort


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I attached the asm file. can u help me now? :)
Don't you think it is just a bit unreasonable to expect others to wade through nearly 700 lines of assembly code for some processor in some assembly language, neither of which you bother to even mention, in order to find some bug that you don't bother to describe?

On top of that, you want strangers to open a file named DANGERRRRR and nearly all the comments are in French when you are posting on an English-language forum. I'm guessing the sections with comments in English are code fragments you boosted from someone else.

Draw a flow chart of what you want to have happen and map it to your code. In the process of doing that, there is a good chance you will find your problem.


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Your problem description is very poor and everybody can tell that you just need a canned solution without putting any effort! Too bad Son!

All I can say from a quick scroll is that you speak french...lol... (je parle aussi francais) and I like your macros for bank selections it makes it easier...instead of trying to figure out what is the current bank and which bit(s) should be set or cleared!

And You did not even mention which PIC you are using and bah bah bah you don't sound really serious about it!

Come on get to work!