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1. Explain the Rectifier?
2. Sketch Receiver and Explain?
3. What is power supply?
4. Explain Frequency Bands?
5. In Digital why we use (1) and (0)?
6. Define the modulation and Demodulation?
7. Define and Explain the three type of modulation?
8. Define the Bandwidth? And the type of Bandwidth?
9. What is Noise?
10. Define Microwave?

the answer should by brief,clear and to make me understand



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Yeah... I wouldn't consider these questions forum worthy really (specifically definitions). A simple google search will give you the answer to every one of your questions.


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If the questions in the opening post are homework questions, then I can provide additional assistance by moving this thread to the appropriate forum. Otherwise...
the answer should by brief,clear and to make me understand
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Those are all classic end of chapter questions. I would ask those kinds of questions to my autoshop teacher all the time and he would never give me the answer. Instead he would point me to where the text books are kept. As a result, I am pretty good at looking stuff up. You don't learn anything by having somebody give you the answer to a question. You learn stuff by finding the answer yourself.