please need help for programming for fianl year project

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    Mar 22, 2010
    Hi all,

    I am having problems with the programming part of my project. My project consists of an autonomous book locater (working on the principle of line follower).

    I am using VB6 for the student to input the barcode of the required book. once the barcode is there, the data has to be sent to the PIC16f877a via RF transmitter and receiver (434 MHz).

    there will be a barcode scanner on the robot, once it scans a book, the data enters directly into the PIC and then the pic compares it with the one received from the VB.

    once the code of the book and the one rom VB is the same, it will retrieve it.

    my problem is that i am new to VB as well as PIC. Please could some1 hep me with the programming part

    am having problem sending data from VB to PIC

    there is a function call MSComm in VB, but since am using RF, is it necessary to include it?

    can someone please help me in writing the program (i dont even know how and where to start from)

    am sending binary not decimal

    for the VB, only the textboxes, the command, the labels are there and the program to convert decimal to binary is there and it works.


    please some help [​IMG]

    thanking you in advance

    Since i am new to these software and forum, i appologies if ever i made some mistake

    thank you