Please its urgent help me to solve this please


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Let us just *magic* our way into knowing what you're on about.

If I recall, this is actually a special formula but that was from high school..

Also, I'm not sure what you mean by ' = NOT . Are you saying things with a ' are negative?

I'm not a math expert though so maybe I missed something.


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This is a Boolean Algebraic expression.
What the op is asking is how do you reduce this to its simplest form.

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Study the Boolean Algebra chapter in the online textbook.

You see a product of three sums in your expression,
(a+b+c) and
you need to multiply them together to get a sum of products, then use and find the boolean identities (see the boolean rules for simplification section of the online textbook)and reduce the expression.If you try it in here we can help, but we won't give you the answer.
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I think the original poster might either be asking for a way to simplify the expression and/or implementing the function using CMOS gates. However, I am not in the business of guessing. If the original poster will show that they have put some effort in trying to solve the problem, someone might be able to help. Seeing the word "urgent" is making me quite lazy ....


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It is general practice on AAC not to do people's homework especially when it is urgent and they do not know how to post a proper title.