Please identify the type of SMPS.

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  1. Jigar_Patel

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    Mar 23, 2012
    hey guys...
    can any one please identify the type of SMPS ; the circuit I have attached here.
    I have used TOP261 switch for switching purpose which is MOSFET basically.

    but I don't know which type i have designed..
    I mean is it buck, boost or flyback or anything else...
    plz rply me fast.
    nd also mention how it is different from other types??

    thank you all
    Jigar Patel
  2. JJAngleton

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    Aug 21, 2010
    It is a flyback converter. Hint: inverted secondary(ies) winding dots compared to primary, means flyback. If the windings were used in the same polarity (dots in the same position - top or bottom), you would have a forward. Also, flyback transformers usually have a gap (not discernible in a transformer schematic depiction), and the diodes in the secondary have a different topology, the flyback ones being simpler.
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