please how can i make an inverter

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    May 24, 2012
    please i am a hobbyist in electronics and i want to build a 5KVA inverter with solar,but i do not know how to interconnect the battery to the inverter,also i do not know howto build the inverter,and i intend to use a microcntroller to monitor when the battery is filled,when there is mains power supply,when the solar is charging and when it is filled.but i do not know the microcontrolller to use and how to go about it please i need help
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    Oct 2, 2009
    What battery? Can you explain?
    A 5KVA inverter is not something a hobbyist would attempt to build. If you are trying to create a photovoltaic system there are off-the-shelf components available that you can buy that would be less expensive than trying to build it yourself.
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    Nov 30, 2010
    This question has come up many times on this forum...and has never been built.
    Something about needing 500 amps from a 12 volt battery and then finding out the battery melts before the 10 minutes it would last until it is discharged.
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    YOU can do this but it is much more than a beginner can accomplish in just one lesson.

    Work hard and learn electronics basics first and in a year or so you might be ready to do build a 5000 Watt inverter with charge control and mains connection.

    You say in your post you want help. Either hire someone who CAN do it, or spend your money educating yourself. Begging for handouts is getting real old for all of us these days! Lets see some work before you ask for the same from us.
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    You should learn the basics of the electronics involved. Then, go on to learn about the various sections of the inverter. Study from existing designs and application notes, etc. After learning, testing and perfecting each section on a smaller scale should you attempt to build the large inverter. Spend time and effort and you can do it.