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    Jul 5, 2013
    Can anyone please tell me whether a LIN transceiver(MCP2003) is required in an interface between PIC micro controller with EUART and LIN Bus in a vehicle? If it is required, then what is the use of EUART in uc for interfacing with LIN Bus? Can I use the regular UART?Will the whole circuitry compatible with K-Line communication?

    My main objective is to reduce the cost of my project. I'm not sure which interface I should use. I have CAN, K-Line and LIN. Even if K-Line and LIN looks similar, I couldn't find the advantage to choose between them. Please help me in deciding this. I only want few information from ECU of a vehicle. I need to display this in an LCD(16x2) too.
    Please suggest me some possble configuration and protocol which I may use.

    Thanks for reading my question and hope someone could help me...:(