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The transformer is a 10MVA rating unit with impedance of 10% (0.1 pu). The calculations in the notes assume no source impedance in the generator at left.

From the diagram and assuming that the generator is 10 MVA and has internal impedance of 8% (0.08 pu), calculate the fault currents that would occur for separate faults at each of the two busbars (Faults 1 and 2) and at the location shown on the feeder cable (Fault 3), with a feeder impedance of 1 ohm between busbar 2 and Fault 3.

Short Circuit MVA = 100xP/X%?..
Im not sure cause the examples I have all have the voltages this example dosnt need some direction..?

The diagram-
Generator- Fault1 Busbar -Transformer-Fault 2 Busbar -1 ohm cable then Fault 3