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    1. A transmission line cable consists of 12 indentical strands of aluminum each 30mm in diameter. The resistivity of aluminum strands at 20°C is 2.8x10ˉΩ-m.. Find the 50 °C AC resistance per km of the cable. Assume skin-effect connection facts of 1.02 at 60hz.

    2. A 345KV transmission line has two bundled conductor per phase, spaced 18 inch horizontally. The conductor used in the bundle has a GMR of 0.0403 feet. What is the GMR of the bundled conductor? What is L and XC per phase/km of the line if the conductor diameter is 0.977 inch?

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    3. A 3 phase is designated with equivalent spacing of 16 ft. It is to build the line with horizontal spacing such that D12=D23=0.5 D13. The two conductor are transposed. What would be the spacing between adjacent conductors to obtain the same inductance?

    4. (A) 3 phase transposed line composed of one ACSR 159,000 mils, 54/19 dove conductor per phase with flat horizontal spacing of 8 meters. The GMR of each conductor is 1.515 cm. Determine the inductance per phase kilometer of the line.

    (b) This line is to be replaced by a two conductor bundle with 8 m spacing measured from the center of the bundles. The spacing between the conductors in the bundle 40 cm. If the line inductance per phase is to be 77% of hte inductance in part (a) what would be the GMR of each new conductor in the bundle?