please help with this simple LED strip project!

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    Mar 30, 2012
    I have a project I'm attempting with LED strips...Please be aware, that I have no real understanding of electronics what so ever, only the very basics but I'm looking to go on a course sometime soon, but hope some of you may be able to give some assistance on what I am trying to achieve and explain it in a very basic way. I have included an image below which should give a better representation as to what I want to do.

    The main project is held within a 6" x 8" wooden frame (imagine a picture frame come light box). I am inserting a small LED strip on the inside of the frame facing upwards (only one strip on one side). the frame will have a glass front to it, and a backing board to the other side, to close the casing...There are no more than 9 LEDS's within the strip I want to use, and measures about 17cm length. It may be reduced to 6 LED's on smaller frames...I have cut this strip from a 5 meter length LED strip and this was provided with a DC 12W (1.5a) mains adaptor to power it. However, for a smaller strip like I want to use, what sort of power would be required, since surely this is to much power for such a small strip?

    Secondly, I want to insert a DC power socket panel into the side of the wooden frame if a DC power supply is required, but don't really know where to start with this and how I would fix this into a frame. Would this be the preffered method or is there another way of powering such a unit? As can be seen in the picture, next to the socket panel, I would also like a button so I can turn the power on/off...

    I'm sure this type of set up is fairly simple, but wondered what the best way of doing this would be, and exactly what parts I would need to give this a professional finish.

    Thanks for any help in advance...

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    read the datasheet. the strip is powered by constant voltage (12V) and power is given in terms of length (2A per 5m reel etc.)

    if the 5m strip draws 2A, then 0.2m (8") draws

    I=(0.2m/5m)*2A=0.08A (=80mA)

    Power is V*I
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    I don't see a picture with a socket panel.
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    Oct 18, 2011
    All I can tell you is the the connectors that connect to the strip itself can be a pain to get a good connection. I got fed up with the connectors on one project I used a bench supply and sharp probes just to see if it was the strip. The strip was good I ended up soldering my own leads on.