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    Aug 19, 2005
    Hi i need to solve this problem

    in the circuit shown in the fig. find the voltage across the two sources with out using mesh or nodal analysis?

    thanks for your help and please excuse my poor english
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    Jan 28, 2005

    Rather than posting the answer, I believe it would be better just to furnish you with a few helpful hints to get the ball rolling.

    This circuit analysis problem like pretty much all such problems are best tackled by looking for things about the circuit that you can simplify.

    I will direct your attention first to the 60 ohm resistor in the circuit. The way it is connected in the circuit allows you to make an assumption about the role it is going to play in the solution.

    Next I suggest you look at a simplification you can make concerning the 10 ohm resistor and the 15 ohm resistor that are connected from the intersection in the middle of the circuit to ground.

    Once you simplify the 10 ohm and 15 ohm from the previous hint, you will be in a good position to make the next simplification. At this point you should be able to apply the Y to Delta transformation to get you to the next point in the analysis. I have provided a link to the section in the tutorial that describes the Y to Delta transformation technique.

    Y-Delta Transformation Tutorial

    If you have been successful in interpreting the above hints, You will have reached a point where the final solution should involve the application of some very basic dc circuit analysis methods to obtain the final answer.

    Feel free to ask for clarification if you need to.

    Good Luck,