Please Help With Op amp

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What could be wrong with this design?

Design specifications

1. Two inputs one plus , one negative
2. Capable of driving a 50 K ohm load to + 10 V
3. Frequency response DC - 10MHz + 2 db.
4. The input impedance must be at least 1 Megohm
5 The output impedance must be less than 50 ohms
inches on any side. 6. Temperature range: 25 -- 100oC
7 The gain must be between 1000 - 1500
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What are the symptoms? What makes you think the problem doesn't work? Help us by pointing us towards the direction of the problem.


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This appears to be an op amp constructed of discrete components--It probably will not run in a simulator as shown--I believe that it is workable with a few fixes:

1. PNP transistor Q15 must be inverted so the emitter goes to R4

2. R4 appears to be excessively high, or R3 excessively low--will prevent the collector of Q15 from proper positive voltage excursions--suggest increasing R3 to 10K

I am a little at a loss in estimating output impedance--if it is too high, adjust R3 & R4 down while keeping the ratio about the same

3. Quiescent power dissipation on Q2, Q13 & Q14 is excessively high (230mW)--while it will work OK at 25°C, it will not work at 100°C--suggest increasing current mirror source resistor R11 to 2.2K--check 2N3904 thermal derating to see if this keeps it within max Tj limits

If you actually build this amp, make sure that Q13 & Q14 are thermally bonded together to make current mirror work over the temperature range.

4. Current mirror source resistor R10 is off by an order of magnitude--should be 3.6K

5. R12 must increase from 600K to at least 1M to satisfy input impedance spec--do this also to R13

6. Differential amp load resistors R2 & R3 are way low--will prevent sufficient voltage excursion to enable Q6 to turn on sufficiently enough to turn on Q15--suggest 1K

7. The magnitude of R2 & R3 may be subsequently adjusted to bring open loop gain within specifications--my gut feel is that it will be close to spec--other than that, R4 may be adjusted, but it may not increase above 2K without affecting maximum output swing spec

This should now run in your simulator--you can tweak it from there--good luck!