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1.meaning of i-cube of a karnaugh map
2.which one is divisible by 11111011 a.11100111 b.11100100 c.11010111 d.11011011 (please show steps or any arguement) :eek:
3.what will be the size of ROM that is used to realize a 8X8 binary multiplier unit
4.example of a self dual?
5.what is 'minimisation theorem' for boolean alzebra
6.state one TTL IC used as magnitude comparator circuit
7.a 3 input majority gate is defined as the gate generates logic output 1 when max number of inputs are the gate.

I need solutions please!:eek:
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If you read the rules of this site you need to show us what you've done. It is considered bad taste to just give the answers, you will have learned nothing in that process. What we try to do is help you work it out for yourself.

Your title also has a problem, it is the mechanism to draw people in to help. Generic titles like "Need Help!" are generally ignored. To get people to put work into you you must first put some thought into what you need.

Any question that starts with "What is " should be taken to Google.

I will change the title to see if we can't get some willing volunteers in here.