Please Help: PI Controller Design

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Hi,everyone. I'm currently trying to build a PI controller for a PT326 process trainer. Because I never did any control course before, it's been really hard for me to come up with a solution.

Here I've obtained the transfer function of the plant(ie the process trainer) : G(s) = 1.225/(0.496s+1) * e^(-0.224s), and the design requires: 1. zero steady state error; 2. less than 10% overshoot; 3. less than 4 secs settling time.

Could someone help me come up with a circuit schematic for the controller, or at least give me a mathmetical expression for the controller please? Thank you :)

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There are numerous tutorials on feedback control theory on the Internet. In addition to the one cited by bertus here is another example.

I recommend you google the topic and read some of the articles. Then take your best shot at designing your PI controller and get back with us here with any clarifying question you have.

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