Please Help : P89V51RD2

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I am new with P89V51RD2 microcontroller. Usually I am using the PIC16F877A for general purpose applications. Now I am using a display application and need to have a large Program memory, thats why purchased this chip.

When searched in the net, I came to see in sevaral forums that the P89V51RD2 only needs a serial interface with the PC(using MAX232) for programming using the NXP's FLASH MAGIC utility. But, I tried sevaral times connecting the P89V51RD2 with the PC through the MAX232 but, the software is not detecting it.

Can you please help me by telling the correct method of programming this uc?

Another help I need is :

In PIC16F877A, it has a facility to self program the built in EEPROM space and the Program memory. Subroutines are given for it in the datasheet itself.

But, in the P89V51RD2 datasheet, I haven't seen anything like this.

The situation is that, I need to receive some serial data from a PC and program in the microcontrollers FLASH memory in the run time itself.

I will be thankful if any one please help me on this. I am really in a pathetic situation, please help.

Amjad A.R.