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I Recently Bought A New Digital Multimeter. I Tested It On A 1.5 V Battery And It Returned A Voltage Of 1.46. That's Ok, But When I Tested It On An Ac To Dc Adaptor (the One I Use To Recharge My Cellphone) Which Outputs 4.5 V Dc, It Returned Something Like 7 Or 8 Volts. The Same Thing Happened With Other Adaptors Of Different Output Voltages. What Am I Doing Wrong? I Have Set The Multimeter To The Appropriate Scale (20 V) And The Probes Are In The Correct Places. I Even Used A Resistor So As Not To Burn The Multimeter's Fuse. Please Help -- If You Can!


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I imagine what you are measuring is the unloaded voltage output from the adaptors. Some adaptors need to be loaded to produce the rated voltage.



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Hqmjr is correct about the wall adaptor's poor regulation. Many only get to within 10% of the stated output voltage when the load is almost correct.

Measuring voltage involves a very high resistance in the meter's input circuit. There is no need to use a series resistor to keep the fuse from blowing. The meter's fuse protects the internal circuitry while it measures current.


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You'd need to measure that under load. That is hard to do. You could find a 6V lamp and use that or calculate 75% of the current it's rated for then calculate the resistor and wattage you'd need to put across it. Then measure.