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Hello friends,
I am studying in 10th class. Actually I have a question and I’m unable to solve this question. My question is: How can we find the square root of a number by hand? How about cube roots? If anybody can solve my question I will grateful. Thanks in advance!


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A wonderfully tedious but successful method is simple long division, where to divisor is squared before being subtracted from the dividend.


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Hi zachary_za,
I’m studying in 12th class. I can solve you question easily but I don’t have time for that so I would recommend you for a place called mindzinger where you can get any solution any time and regularly. I got it when was in 10th class. I used mindzinger and I got distinction in mathematics. It’s really nice place for getting solutions for all categories. Hope this will help you.
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Once upon a time I learned the manual method for extracting square roots. Rest assured that you can discover it if you search long enough and hard enough. I cannot remember it well enough to describe it since very soon after I learned it I graduated to using a slide rule.

I remember a poor friend of mine who couldn't afford the $29.95 for Eugene Dietzen Log-Log Duplex Deci-Trig and committrd to memory the table of four place logarithms. He could do square roots in the twinkling of an eye. It's just the anti-log of half the log of the number of interest.