please help me in my project ((digital security lock system ))

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hi, am yasser
i need help with my project
and my project name is:
"design of intelligent digital security lock system using fpga"

please i need any circuits that will help me with my project
and i need the circuits in logical gate
i search in the internet but i find just analog circuits
i need some logic circuits



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You get no answer because your "question" is too vague.
You should ask for something more specific

What exactly do you want to achieve? How (logic) your system is supposed to work? What do you want to control (e.g. motors, linear actuators, relays), what are are your inputs (e.g. buttons, sensors)?

Also, if you come up with an idea make a drawing or a flux diagram, this helps people to understand what you want.


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Besides, this sounds more like homework assigned by an instructor/professor/teacher than a real project. If that is the case, you have posted in the wrong section.


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You could start by describing the specifications of your circuit. What do you want it to do and in what way you want it to accomplish it.

It would really help if you could start a rough sketch or block diagram of your circuit to get the conversation started.