Please help me if you can in Assembly. .?

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    May 27, 2009
    hello :) , my name is mesho , and Iam a new member in this forum .

    Iam looking for somebody can help me , I have bonus homework in Assembly language , and I don't know anything in Assembly language , I solved this Question by C++ , but I can't in Assembly, Because I didn't study this language ,and my friend's says go to this forum they will help you , So if you can help me please :(.

    * This is the Question :-

    1. Make a data file named "datafile.txt" with 100 integers, each on a separate line and each between 0 and 160.

    2. Write an assembly program which does the following:

    a. looks for the above file in your working directory.

    b. if file not found it:
    (i) displays error message
    (ii) then exits.

    c. if file is found then it:
    (i) first reads all the numbers
    (ii) then prints how many there
    (iii) then prints their average
    (iv) then exits.
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    Mar 20, 2007

    Other than writing a assembly program for you, there is not much anyone can do to help you if you are starting from scratch ground zero. We cannot give you a course in assembly in a forum thread. Now if you had a specific question about assembly from a informed perspective, then someone can help you. Assembly is not learned as fast as Gee Whiz Basic or some of the other high level languages. For one thing, you have to have an intimate knowledge of the CPU's architure, and a familiarity with the common user/OS interfaces. These are called Application Program Interfaces (API's) in Wintel systems. Also you never mentioned the assembler you will use or the platform you are running. Don't you think that is important information to be included in a request?

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