PLEASE HELP. ME get this scholarship.


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Well, the graphics are top quality, but the script is all over the place. What is the contest about? Is it about the graphics or the script too?

Fun fact: I 've recently read that for the Haiti disaster $4,600,000,000 had been gathered in charity. Up to now, only 43% of that money have been used to relieve the earthquake victims.

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Yes, it is both.
i found out about this contest the day before it is closed.
so thats why i couldn't put things together properly.
btw, please like my video


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The title doesn't make sense. The video has nothing to do with the "Economics of Aid and Recovery". I was expecting a dissertation on the topic, yet all I got was a plea for help.

I liked the graphics and the audio. What software did you use? Blender?

Good job on the production, overall.


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Excellent quality but content is quite weak. It doesn't inform on the economics of recovery. Also I thought a bit misleading as foreign governments could be heavily involved in overseeing aid distribution. I also read that less than 50% of the money has been distributed to Haiti relief. Where is the rest? That would make a strong message.

But for a video done in a day, pretty good.