Please help me. ATMEL AT89S52.

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  1. nipunmaster

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    Sep 25, 2010
    I am a complete newbie to microcontrollers. I have bought a development kind of board for the microcontrolleller AT89S52. I am making a robot. I have made and tested the code in KEIL software. The kit that I bought looks much difficlut for me. I am stuck to the followng questions:
    1)Do i need to solder all things just for programming?
    2)What things do i need to put in place for programming?
    3)How do i programme the Microcontroller using RS232 COM1 port?
    4)Do i need to give seperate voltage to the microcontroller?

    I have attached the image of the board that I bought. Any help will be appreciated. Thank You.

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  2. debjit625

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    Apr 17, 2010
    The image is just showing a PCB not much about the circuit,anyway the RS232 may be only for serial interface rather programming the MCU.As you said you are a newbie,you have to understand some simple stuff for programming MCU ,it goes like this....Normally you will have a software to write programs for your MCU and in your case its KEIL ,when you compile your program you will get a Hex file ,this hex file will be burned or downloaded in your MCU,to do that you need two more stuff first is a programmer(hardware) and other is a programming software for that hardware.Now this programmer is a hardware like printer,mouse etc which will be connected to your computer by some interface like serial,parrallel or USB ,in this you insert your MCU and form your computer you download the hex file by using the programming software.The ISP programming hardware is not very hard to built just google "ISP Programmer circuit for ATMEL" ,one of them is from its very easy to built .You will also get the programming software from their.

    Good luck