please help in dspic30f4011 programming. please its urgent

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hi every one[:D].
i am using dspic30f4011 to give totally 6 pwm pulses(two at a time) depending on the inputs in my motor(BLDC) control operation.
After dumping the program i tested. I used potentiometer(pot) to vary the pulse width.
at pot zero postion no pulse is coming but when i increased pot value all the six pwm pulses are coming at a time.
i need only two pulses at a time.
please tell me the reason why it is happening. please give me suggestions how to avoid this condition.
thank you..


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Unbelevibale! It is "URGENT" yet the OP posts no information that might allow others to help. ust not have been so "urgent".

BTW Urgent usually means: I have a project due tomrrow for my class. I have not been playing with my game boy and not paying attention in class. I have no idea what I am doing. Please do my project for me.