Please help , Design an 8 bit Division operation using logic woks 4.0

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Hello everyone , I hope you are doing well ..

I have been asked to design a Division operation using logic works, I have designed most of the circuit except for the fractional part, I really could not understand how to do it ..

the question is :

You are asked to design and implement (via simulation using Logic Works 4.0) an 8-bit real number calculator. The calculator will accept two inputs, A and B with 8-bits each in BCD format, where the first 4 bits represent the integer part and the second 4 bits represent the fraction part (i.e. 5.4 or 6.1 or 9.0).

notes :
also I have been told to IGNORE the fraction part AND only perform integer division. Thus the answer should be an integer as well. This means that if A=9.5 and B=2.1, then A/B = 4.0. Also, If we perform B/A, my answer should be 0.0. Another example, if A=8 and B=5, the answer of A/B = 1.0

I do understand the concept and the idea, but when it comes to the design I just could not

here you can download my whole work up to the integer part ( two 4-bit inputs ) :
you can open it using Logic Works 4.0

thank you and sorry for the inconvenience
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