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Hi all

i am(math-cmp) new member and i welcome to all here ..
and i am student in computer science field and in graduation year. :eek::eek:

i have some questions and problems as bellow:

my project in audio watermarking using wavelet transformation and implementing the code in matlab toolbox .
i have some questions in my project but i don't know any person in this subject field , from my reading all theses in this field written by electronic and or electric computer students ,
so am asking all of you and i so thankful to all to accepting me as a member and helping me .

question one :

in documentation :
what is the difference between methods techniques algorithms in Audio watermarking in details please :confused:

question two :

in implementation :
how to enter the watermark in audio file? give me explanation to idea with example or code when i try to enter the characters
'arwadanianahid' in 7 first bits of the audio signal (.wav) what can i do :confused: .

am waiting the answer ..:rolleyes::rolleyes:

thanks alot to all of you.

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i don't know the correct section for this post so can you keeping here even in the converting to correct section.
i want all to see my post please ..