Please comment on my project, GSM security system using SMS

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    Oct 4, 2009
    Hello guys,
    I've built this GSM security system as my semester project using T290i mobile and controlled my car using it. Please leave your comments about it.
    If any one needs help in implementing such a system, I can help.

    Some of the functions it can perform are:
    * start and stop the engine (without using the key)
    * stop the engine if somebody starts it with a key ( by cutting off ignition)
    * lock and unlock the doors
    * send a text message to the owner if an intruder is detected (by monitoring the doors)
    * switch the heater/air conditioner on and off

    You can see the complete details, pictures and download project files and source code from my website.
    GSM Vehicle Control and Security System using SMS | All Things Tech